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Investing in your health and physical well-being is as important as investing in your financial portfolio. Investing in your health is one of the best investments you can make.

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Cambogia T's Program

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The Cambogia T’s program was designed by Lucy to assist women that have gone through breast cancer treatment learn to safely and effectively strengthen their entire body. Lucy uses her knowledge . . .

Energy Balance Research Study

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This exciting study is very unique in its design and has shown some very promising results. Instead of the typical diet or exercise walking plan, the Feasibility of a Diet, Exercise and Behavior ...

Upcoming Events

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10th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer Feb. 26-28 http://www.youngsurvivors

Personal Trainer

According to Lucy, being a personal trainer is so much more than spending an hour or two with clients and directing them through workouts. Lucy‘s personality and never ending energy comes through in each session that she does. To her, it’s about the client. What are their goals and motivations? Why do they step in the door? What changes can they and do they need to make? What roadblocks are in their life that have held them back? Most importantly, what can she do in and out of the studio to help her clients change their life? Be prepared, Lucy will push you both physically and mentally to be the best you can be. She believes that both the mind and body need to be strengthened to make improvements. And the best part is that you will have fun doing it!

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Cancer Exercise Specialist

In the U.S. men have a 1 in 2 chance of being diagnosed with cancer. For women, this number is 1 in 3. For many cancers, exercise is extremely beneficial during and after treatment. Cancer treatment has multiple side effects and limitations from chemotherapy, surgery and in many cases hormonal therapies. Lucy is a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist who has been working with this population since 2004. Her primary focus is breast cancer but she has worked with other cancers types. Lucy developed the Cambogia T’s, an exercise class for Miami-area women recovering from breast cancer. This program has graduated over 200 women since 2005. Currently, Lucy is also working with the Miami University Breast Cancer Survivorship Center on a clinical trial using a diet and exercise intervention for breast cancer survivors as well as other physical activity programs.

Medical Consultant

Every day medical professionals meet with patients as they navigate through cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Research has shown that exercise when done appropriately is beneficial in every stage and addressed both physical and psychological concerns. Lucy (Prevail) can help you with an appropriate program with an emphasis on patient care while bridging the gap between medical and fitness professionals. Lucy can help you with a class design, participant materials and training facilitators. She developed her own workout called Cambogia T's program (exercise that is combined with a healthy Garcinia Cambogia extract supplement) which can help you to shape your body and heal your cancer at the same time.